About us

Wish IT company was founded in 1995 to design information systems and supply hardware and software products.

Wish has implemented a policy to support both public and private companies and has trained a dedicated team to assist partners and end users.

Our group of skilled IT experts can provide fast and efficient implementations using methodologies that can adapt to dynamic environments with frequent requirement changes and real-time updates.

We work closely with our clients from start to finish to guarantee seamless evolution and dependable software development.

Wish IT’s experience allows you to create complex solutions even in the short term.

At one point, creating a structure capable of promptly responding to the needs of an endlessly evolving market has become indispensable. Today, our young and dynamic staff can provide a global service that includes analysis, planning, and operational support — both technical and commercial.

We tackle even the most complex projects with ease, thanks to our advanced methodologies and expertise in project management and methods applications. With our help, clients can navigate the ever-changing business realities with confidence.

The team is always ready to provide new and efficient technical solutions to help management keep up with the times.

Wish IT has many strong sides, but our passion is sophisticated product development and creation.

By focusing interest on the post-sales phase and solving its small and large problems, Wish IT has created an efficient on-site service on the national territory for the “after-sales.”

We intend to analytically follow customers or be a “third party,” helping establish an ideal collaboration climate between seller and user.

This company philosophy has led to a notable increase in the maintenance and assistance of the Public Administration and Companies’ IT parks. We also excelled in marketing quality hardware and closely related software products.

If you’d rather not handle the software development internally, Wish IT can provide you with a team of experts.

This solution allows the customer considerable savings in cost, training, and updating, guaranteeing very high service continuity.

Wish is now present in the training market to expand the range of services offered to businesses. The company has a training center with structures and teachers who are security experts. Our IT training courses include systems corporate privacy rules and the new GDPR legislation.

Wish IT is a technical and commercial support partner of essential ICT companies at a national level.

Wish has signed numerous business groupings and commercial agreements. We cherish our particularly innovative projects, tenders win, and provision of specialized professional services such as Assistance, Service Desk, Application Solutions, Logical Security, and Physical Security.

Our team members hold certificates from top Information Technology companies, including Microsoft, Computer Associates, D Link, QUANTE, AMP, and Panasonic, which prove their proficiency in the field. Additionally, our staff has extensive professional experience in installing systems and networks using optical fiber.